Welcome to Hali & Co

The Hali & Co family consists of Thomas (Tommy TeePee), Kate and our Son, Phoenix (at 2 years of age he is already the big boss).

You might be wondering why we started handmaking kids beds?? It all started while we were thinking about transforming Phoenix’s nursery into a ‘big boys’ room we struggled to find the exact bed we wanted for him. We knew what we wanted and the most important part was making sure it was friendly towards our planet with no harsh paint or chemicals as that of course would also be harmful to Phoenix. We also needed to know it would be sturdy enough to be jumped on, swung off and all that fun stuff! 

Tom being a builder decided why not make him one? That way we knew it was all natural material, it was Australian made and we knew it was safe for him to be the active toddler that he is! It was from there that we decided we wanted to be able to make these beds available for everyone to enjoy and we began our journey of Hali & Co.

We know how important your child’s sleep space is and we are so thankful that you are considering Hali & Co for one of the most important items. We also know that when you have an idea of what you want nothing but that will do! This is why we also accept custom orders. Send us an email or get in touch through our social media to start designing your little ones perfect bed. We can’t wait to work on it with you ! 

We ship Australia wide.